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Sold! Important Tips for Selling a House

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selling a house

Selling a house is possible in any market if you understand what buyers are looking for.

Once the decision is made to , no one wants to see the process prolonged. Selling a house can be stressful, so you probably just want to sell your home fast! Experience has taught us many ways to fast, and as a bonus, most of these techniques will raise the home’s sale price, too.

Not matter what condition your home was in before, give every aspect a makeover. When you’re selling a house, the entire property must impress the buyer with the idea that this home is ready to move in—immediately. Buyers don’t want to look forward to doing work. To the contrary, they will pay extra for peace of mind knowing that the work is done and requires nothing extra on their part.

Selling a House is All About Details

To that end, don’t think clean, think immaculate. Have the shrubs and gardens weeded and cleaned as well as you’d groom yourself or better. Siding can be cleaned of all signs of mold and stains; mossy windowsills will just give a buyer a reason to point and ask for a discount. Many of the best tips for selling a house boil down to this: never provide the buyer an opportunity to expect a discount, or make him think he will have to do any work just to make the home livable.

Even if you’ve never cared about color and flowers and ornamental landscaping before, start now. You’re not just selling a house, you’re selling the American Dream. Sell the oasis, the home with the best yard on the block already in place. The house where the new owner won’t need to turn a shovelful of dirt to have the greenest thumb in town.

Complete Repairs Before Selling a House

Fresh paint screams maintenance-free for years and reinforces the notion that your home has been painstakingly maintained by devoted owners. All peeling or outdated wallpaper should be stripped and re-hung with fresh contemporary patterns. Nothing says shabby like peeling; shabby chic is charming for guest room furniture or the sundeck, but if someone can call your walls and ceilings shabby, selling your house will not only become more difficult but the home sales price will suffer huge hits.

So, before selling a house you should repair everything. Leave nothing broken for others to see. Most items are better off gone, than broken. Alternatively, if major repairs are in order, point them out to the buyer. A show of honesty can sometimes shave a little off the discount you will have to give when it comes time to negotiate.

Hire an interior decorator and make a budget. Encourage the decorator to rearrange furniture to make all spaces appear roomier and brighter.

Each of these tips for selling a house has proven highly effective in countless situations. Selling a house—even in a down market—is possible if you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, and think about the condition in which she wants her new home.

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